Why Is Goldfish Sitting at the Bottom of the Tank?

It could be for a number of reasons that a goldfish starts staying near the ground of your aquarium.

Some of the causes have to do with the fish’s health, while others have nothing to do with it.

Goldfish usually sit towards the bottom of the tank when they aren’t feeling well.

Your Goldfish May Be Stressed

One of the many reasons your pet goldfish might be sitting by the ground of your aquarium is that they could be stressed.

When goldfish feel stressed, they prefer to sit by the ground of the tank since they feel more secure and less exposed there. It’s either the bottom or some corner.

Insufficient quality of water, overcrowding of the tank, poor feeding, continual disruptions outside the tank, and, in some situations, the absence of oxygen in the water are all factors that can induce stress.

Fortunately, this is a simple fix: give them high-quality nutrition, clean the filter more frequently, get a larger tank, and add extra plants or perhaps an air bubbler to ensure the tank gets sufficient oxygen.

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It Might be Bored

It is a common misconception that goldfish do not require attention; however, this is simply not true.

You should provide plenty of engagement for your goldfish by making their surroundings as exciting as possible.

They may get gloomy and spend all of their time by the bottom of the tank if they don’t find their surroundings interesting.

Adding new greenery and accessories, introducing new fish, or even moving the tank now and then might help keep your goldfish from becoming bored.

It Might have Fallen Sick

When your goldfish is unwell, they may sit by the ground of the tank. In fact, even attempting to swim could be too much for them.

You can also search for additional signs of disease if you believe that your goldfish may have fallen ill.

Decreased appetite, clamped fins, and overall laziness are also common symptoms.

If you suspect they’re unwell, check the water’s conditions and check whether it’s dirty and ensure that the temperature is neither too warm nor cool.

Swim bladder disease, dropsy, and/or constipation are all prevalent conditions that can cause this.

It May be Bearing Eggs

Your goldfish might be bearing eggs if it is a female. They grow bloated and tired as a result of this.

So, if your goldfish is pregnant, it will most likely spend its time by the ground of the tank.

While getting stuffed with eggs is nothing to worry about, egg binding can be. The ovaries in your goldfish aren’t strong enough to discharge eggs if they’re egg-bound.

As a result, they can continue to build up, leading your fish to experience bloating.

If this happens, it is quite harmful to them, and you’ll immediately want to reach out to an expert for assistance to resolve the situation.

It Could simply be Sleeping

It’s possible that the goldfish is sleeping by the ground of the aquarium. They basically stay static and stationary in a certain location when they sleep.

This may result in them lying by the ground of the tank sometimes.

If you move something near the tank, you might be able to whether your goldfish is asleep or not.

This will usually wake up your goldfish, and you may relax as they begin swimming again.

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It’s Getting Old

Finally, as your goldfish grows older, they may begin to sit by the ground of the tank.

A number of reasons can cause such behavior such as sickness, exhaustion, or simply a lack of vitality. There isn’t really much you could do to change this, whatever it is.

All you have to do now is continue to look after your goldfish as much as possible.

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Is it Okay for Your Goldfish to be Gasping Rapidly by the Ground of Your Aquarium?

On certain occasions, you may see that your goldfish is lying by the ground of the tank struggling to breathe or gasping rapidly.

These signs could be more alarming and require immediate notice and attention.

We have listed some of the common reasons as to why this could be happening.

Ammonia Poisoning

Ammonia poisoning is one of the most prevalent causes of goldfish gasping on the ground of the aquarium.

Ammonia levels in the tank that are too high might burn your goldfish’s lungs and make it difficult for them to breathe.

If you’re confused about whether it is ammonia poisoning or not, check the levels of nitrite, ammonia, and nitrate in the aquarium. 

If you discover that the levels of nitrite, ammonia, or nitrate are excessively high, you should immediately do a 50 percent water change.

Test it again, and if the level is still too high, add some substance to lower it down.

Replace 10-15 percent of the entire water until you see that the levels have returned to normal. Use an additional API Ammo Lock if it rises again.

The Oxygen Levels are Not Sufficient

Another reason your goldfish could be struggling to breathe by the ground of the tank is a shortage of oxygen.

Make some changes to the water filter in order to build an additional surface movement or add a bubbler if you think there is a problem.

Similarly, you can even raise the oxygen levels within the tank by adding a lot of plants.

If you’re adding co2 to your tank to promote the growth of plants, you should avoid that.

It is possible that you are smothering your goldfish by adding a lot of chemicals to the water.

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It could be Suffering from Diseases or Illnesses

Diseases and disorders, especially those affecting the gills, might potentially be a cause.

This can be caused by flukes in the gills, infections, as well as various fungal or parasite illnesses.

Clamped fins, drowsiness, and spots are all indicators of illnesses or various diseases.

Any changes within the gills themself may also be an indication.

If you observe signs, see a veterinarian or other specialist determine the best course of action.

Something’s Wrong about the Water Temperature

Your goldfish may be laying at the bottom of the tank because the water inside is either too warm or too cool. If the water gets too heated, it loses its ability to hold oxygen.

Furthermore, hot water usually rises to the surface of your aquarium, which is why your goldfish might prefer to swim in the lower part, where there is more oxygen.

There is, however, a negative aspect.

If the temperature of your tank is excessively cold (near freezing), the warmer water is most likely going to shift towards the lower part of the aquarium, causing the goldfish to swim in the bottom.

However, if your tank is excessively cool, your goldfish may prefer to stay below and enter somewhat of a hibernation state which could actually be really harmful to them.

Is Laying Flat By the Tank’s Ground Normal for Goldfish?

It could be due to a number of factors as to why a goldfish may be flat by the ground of the tank.

Swim bladder disease, constipation, or dropsy are the most likely causes.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything that can be done if your goldfish has contracted dropsy, and the odds of a cure are rare.

The other two, on the other hand, can be treated effectively. In all circumstances, you would want to scrub your aquarium and probably change the water.

If your goldfish has been suffering from constipation, try fasting them for a few days, and then you will want to feed them a boiled pea (de-shell it first).

The key to healing from swim bladder disease is maintaining the water and keeping it clean while ensuring they aren’t injured by their other tank members or things within the aquarium.

Why Won’t Your Goldfish Eat and Remain By the Ground of the Tank?

Have you been noticing that your goldfish isn’t eating and is lying by the ground? Then there is a high chance that they may be sick.

Dropsy, swim bladder disease, and constipation may be to blame once again, but it could be other problems. Most illnesses, in addition to these, could be to blame.

It would be best if you looked for other signs and symptoms to assist you in finding out what’s wrong.

When there isn’t a sickness, it could simply be that they don’t like the food being given.

To see if they’ll eat again, try feeding them different sorts of food. Foods such as live animals and freeze-dried foods are excellent choices.

However, you can switch it up by adding some boiled vegetables and mixing the flakes that you have been using.

Why Won’t Your Goldfish Move from the bottom of the Tank?

If you see your goldfish by the ground of their tank, and they are not swimming, it might be incredibly upsetting; therefore it’s definitely a cause for concern.

These are some of the reasons why this could happen.

Temperature Shock

Again, temperature shock could be the cause of your fish’s inactivity. Examine to see whether the heater is broken and the water is heating up or cooling down too quickly.

If the temperature is excessively warm or cool, start adding filtered water to level the temperature once again.

However, if you believe that this has been because of a significant change in water temperature, you allow your goldfish longer to adapt.

Swim Bladder Illness/Dropsy

If your goldfish has contracted swim bladder illness or dropsy, then that could be affecting their activity as it makes it increasingly difficult for them to move during that.

They could be sleeping

As mentioned before, this could be because the goldfish is simply sleeping by the ground of the aquarium and is laying still because of that.

They Might Have Passed Away

As heartbreaking as it may sound when your goldfish passes away; their bodies will most likely lie on the ground once dead.

If you are that they have passed away, you will see that they do not even move regardless of whatever is happening.

If you find your goldfish has died and there are additional fish in the tank, remove them as soon as possible to avoid the other fish from becoming ill.

Final Words

There are a few possibilities as to why your goldfish may be sitting at the bottom of the aquarium. It could be a health issue or anything to do with the environment they live in.

Bottom resting is a health issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible to protect the wellbeing of the goldfish in the tank.

We hope this article helped you discover what is wrong with your goldfish and that you and your pet are on the path to recovery!

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