Best Decorations for Betta Fish Tank (Betta Tank Decor)

While betta fish can survive in a simple fish tank with no decor, they will be a lot happier if you add some decorations to their tank.

It will make them look even more beautiful and make sure they have a comfortable home.

Decorations in Betta fish tank are just to make it look nice, it also has a functional use. Your betta likes to hide in spots and brush against some plants, and often play with the various decor items.

So do you betta a favor, and add some decorations in its tank.

Betta Fish Enjoy Having Decorations (It Makes them Happy)

Anyone who owns Betta fish or is interested in owning Betta fish should know that they enjoy toys and decorations to be part of their tank.

Experienced Betta fish owners already know how curious Betta fish are and how much they love interacting with the toys and live plants in their fish tanks.

Some fish owners have come forward with stories where their smart Betta fish beg for food and even recognize their owners.

Along with providing a good home for your Betta fish that includes a good-sized time tank, high-quality water, and food, you also have to take care of giving them a stimulating environment in them to live in.

This can sound surprising to new Betta fish owners because fish do not seem as interactive as other house pets.

However, you must understand that every living creature has its habitat, hence its own form of activities and entertainment.

If you keep a Betta fish in a fish tank at home, the least you can do is give them a stimulating environment they can enjoy.

Best Decorations for Betta Fish Tank

You don’t have to spend a lot of money purchasing toys and decorations for your Betta fish.

They are happy with the simplest of items that can add some liveliness to your fish tank.

However, before you go on a shopping spree for your Betta fish, make sure that you do not buy something with sharp edges or is made of toxic materials.

This can be very harmful to your fish as sharp edges can bruise their fins, and toxins can pollute the tank water.

Let’s look at a few items that your Betta fish will enjoy (and are safe to put in a fish tank):

Live Plants

Live plants are the most common decor items that you can purchase for your Betta fish aquarium.

They can make a great addition to any fish tank because of their vibrant green color and natural effect.

Live plants are incredibly beneficial for your aquarium. They can absorb ammonia and nitrate from the tank water.

Other than this, Betta fish love to play in the plants and use them as hiding spots.

Some Betta fish also like to rest their fins on the plants, making them a great item to have in your Betta fish tank.

Live plants are easy to grow in your Betta fish tank, which is why they are an excellent investment.

Last but not least, live plants make your tank seem aesthetically pleasing even to the people around you and not just the fish.

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Silk Aquarium Plants

Silk aquarium plants are another great addition to your Betta fish tank.

biOrb Silk Plant Set Medium Green & Purple

They can help your Betta fish explore and provide them with plenty of hiding spaces.

However, some silk aquarium plants have extremely sharp edges that can be harmful to your Betta fish.

You must check your silk plant thoroughly before placing it in the aquarium for your fish’s safety.

Marimo Moss Balls

You can always get Marimo Moss balls to add to your Betta fish tank to add some variety.

HEPAI 6PCS Aquarium Moss Balls Live Aquarium Plant Fishes Plants Aquaristics Shrimp Water Grass Shrimp Water Grass Balls Freshwater Grass Balls Java Grass Decorations

These tiny Moss balls only require some water and light to bloom and add some natural elements to the Betta fish tank.

Another added benefit of Marimo Moss balls is that they can absorb the extra waste in your Betta fish tank.

Just like live plants, they can be beneficial to the water quality of your Betta fish tank.

This will help you change the water less while maintaining optimal tank quality.

There have been cases where Betta fish owners have spotted their Betta fish sleeping on these Marino Moss balls and even playfully pushing them around.

This means that Betta fish find Marimo Moss balls a comfortable addition to their environment.

Sinking Ceramic Logs

Undoubtedly, Betta fish enjoy hiding places so that they can feel secure or play with each other.

Zoo Med Laboratories AZMFA50 Sinking Ceramic Betta Log

You may notice a breeding pair engaging in chasing and hiding activities before their actual mating ritual.

Decor items such as a sinking ceramic Betta log can act as a hideout or a cave that can induce a Betta’s natural instinct to scavenge for food.

It helps them explore Betta and stimulates their abilities which helps them fight off any lethargy.

This keeps your Betta fish happy and healthy because they have fun playing and hiding.

Not only is it a safe space for your Betta fish to hide in, but it is also definitely something that can help them relieve boredom and have a nice time in their fish tank.


Rock formations or good chunky rocks can be a great addition to your Betta fish tank.

SACKORANGE 2 LB Aquarium Gravel River Rock - Natural Polished Decorative Gravel, Small Decorative Pebbles, Mixed Color Stones,for Aquariums, Landscaping, Vase Fillers (32-Oz)

They are also found in their natural habitat, which is why your Betta fish are going to enjoy them.

However, you have to be extremely careful while adding the rocks to your water tank.

You must make sure that they do not fall and hurt the Betta fish or are not placed in an area where they can easily move and cause some damage.

Make sure they are fixed in a spot where they cannot move or fall further downward.

A good way to use these rocks is to anchor some life plants around them so your Betta fish can use them to swim in between.

Some rocks also encourage algae growth which may not look the best but are extremely beneficial for the oxygen levels of your water tank.

Besides Betta fish, they can be beneficial for any bottom feeders you may have in the tank.

Leaf Hammock

A leaf hammock is an ideal decoration and resting place for your Betta fish. As a species, they are naturally familiar with huge water bodies such as swamps.

COOSPIDER Betta Fish Leaf Pad Hammock Aquarium Decoration Cichlid Fish Tank Resin Rock Mountain Cave Ornaments for Sleeping Resting Hiding Playing Breeding

They are used to having a lot of space for them to move around, which is why they require at least five gallons of water.

Regardless of their space to swim, Betta fish always stay towards the surface of the water, which is why a leaf hammock can give them a nice spot to relax under.

It acts as a covering on a small part of the water tank. This gives them access to both dark and light environments.

They can go in either, depending on their mood and needs.


Driftwood is a staple decoration for several Betta fish tanks.

YUNVI 4 Pack Natural Aquarium Driftwood, 4-12 Inch Irregular Fish Tank Drift Wood Reptile Trunk Decoration Assorted Driftwood Branches Betta Fish Accessories for Aquarium Reptile Terrarium (Medium)

Not only is it a great focal point, but it is also used to anchor other plants that you might add to the Betta fish tank.

It can also be used as a hiding place or something to swim through for your Betta fish’s enjoyment.

However, using driftwood as a decoration item for your Betta fish tank has some ramifications.

As time goes on, it may lower the pH value of your tank water because it will naturally begin to rot.

If you do plan on using driftwood for your tank decoration, make sure you buy a treated one from a seller instead of a natural piece of driftwood that you found.

Thoroughly clean it before adding it to the tank no matter where it came from so that it does not pollute the water in the tank.

Avoid Shells and Coral Gravel

Even though it makes perfect sense to add shells to your Betta fish tank, they can be harmful in the long run.

Since both coral gravel and shells have a high calcium level, they slowly emit it into the water over time.

This allows the pH level of the water tank to rise, which may be upsetting for your Betta fish.

You can also opt for fake ceramic seashells just for the aesthetic.

Things To Remember:

  • No sharp or rough edges
  • Stay away from toxic materials that can mess with water quality
  • When you purchase an item online or from the store, make sure you thoroughly wash and disinfect it so that it doesn’t transfer any bacteria or diseases to your fish tank
  • Try not to add glass products to your tank, as they can crash and shatter
  • With every cleaning cycle, make sure you thoroughly wash all the tank décor as well before placing them back in the tank
  • Don’t overcrowd your tank with décor pieces because it may interfere with your Betta’s swimming space

The Bottom Line

There are so many options for you to choose from over at Amazon, but it is important to remember to always check the decor items for sharp edges and toxic materials.

There’s nothing wrong with spoiling your fish with decoration items and toys, but make sure you also provide them with the basics such as high-quality food, a controlled water environment, and an ample place to swim around before anything else.

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